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Portuguese citizenship and Portuguese passport

Foreign citizenships

Since its conception, our office has been in the business of facilitating the acquisition of citizenships, passports, investor visas and residency permits in various countries, working with the judicial bodies and relevant authorities, for descendants of immigrants from Germany, Austria and Poland.

Recently, due to shifts in legislation in Portugal and Spain, our office began representing clients in all that is involved in obtaining citizenships, residency permits and investor visas in these countries. We are working in Spain and Portugal in cooperation with large, well-known local law offices.

Both the Portuguese and the Spanish law, in their current state, allow an Israeli citizen to preserve his or her citizenship and do not require the relinquishment of their Israeli citizenship. Spanish and Portuguese citizenships are citizenships of the European Union which enable the issuance of a passport that allows for freedom of movement throughout Europe , according to the application of the Schengen agreement, and, at the time writing, also allows for entry into the United States of America without need of a visa.

Our office’s ability to take on historical background material and relevant professional opinions along with its daily dealings with foreign law, allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive counseling in these fields.

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