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Labor and Employment Law


Corporations - Voluntary Associations and Companies

Throughoutthe years, the attorneys of our law firm have acquired experience inrepresenting voluntary associations and companies in various legal proceedingstheir existence entails, including significant annual events of every companyand voluntary association.

Voluntary Associations

We provide legal counseling to voluntary associations operating in different fields and represent voluntary association officials. Our law firm offers continuous counseling services from the very establishment of the voluntary association. Our firm participates in general assembly, attends committee meetings according to demand, appoints paid officials. Moreover, we procure Proper Management Approval from the Voluntary Associations Registrar in the Israeli Corporations Authority by the means delineated by the governmental decision from 15.10.1998 and at times, unfortunately, regulate the dissolution of the association in accordance with Voluntary Associations Act 1980.
In addition, our firm represents diverse voluntary associations in a variety of legal procedures, such as the acquisition and vending of assets, rent, arrangements with providers and cooperation agreements with different entities, including government institutions, and filing legal claims when necessary.
The legal services our firm provides to voluntary associations stem from our overall assessment of the goals the voluntary association meant to serve and the wishes of its members.

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We represent private companies in all legal proceedings its existence entails. Among other services our firm provides, we regulate contractual arrangements between companies, acquisition and vending of company assets, representation in all types of courts and in all instances, including Collection and Enforcement Authority. Our firm has excellent connections with attorneys abroad enabling those of our clients who require it to receive legal consultation regarding legal proceedings in foreign countries.

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