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David Yadid - Advocate & Notary

Advocate & Notary David Yadid is a law firm specializing in representing holocaust survivors, both Israeli and foreign, and in seeking financial restitution to compensate for their sufferings during WWII.

towards helping the less fortunate, Adv. David Yadid amassed a reputation second to none, procuring financial aid for nearly 100,000 holocaust survivors. The aforementioned is being achieved through several funds founded by European governments such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary, disbursing to eligible survivors a ‘one-off’, as well as monthly compensatory payments. Many survivors have been found eligible to receive in addition, monthly payments from the German Social Security pension fund.

Foreign Citizenships

Our office’s ability to take on historical background material and relevant professional opinions along with its daily dealings with foreign law, allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive counseling in these fields.


Adv. David Yadid is a renowned compensation litigator in Israel. In court, Adv. David Yadid presents the arguments of survivors against the Israeli Treasury, on a daily basis.

Rights of Holocaust survivors

Our firm specializes in the rights of Holocaust survivors at the Israel Ministry of Finance according to the Law for needy Holocaust survivors -2007 and the Victims of Nazi Persecution Act 1957.

Chanel 4, unreported world, may 2016:

The Forgotten Holocaust Survivors – How Holocaust survivors in Israel are spending their final days living in poverty



Throughout the years, the attorneys of our law firm have acquired experience in representing voluntary associations and companies in various legal proceedings their existence entails, including significant annual events of every company and voluntary association.


Naltzi'k jews

During WWII the Germans occupied the northern Caucasus for five months (from mid-1942 to early 1943). The Germans maintained their control of Nalchik, the capital of the autonomic republic of Kabardino- Balkaria of the Russian federation for about two months.


Labor and Employment Law

In addition, our office represents employers and employees in disputes relating to severance packages, revocation of severance packages etc.

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